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Membership Terms and Conditions Payment of Subscriptions - Memberships can be cancelled within 14 days with a full refund provided the club has not been used during this period. - Membership subscriptions are payable monthly Direct Debit only. - Upon enrolment, members will be asked to pay a pro rata subscription for the remainder of the current month. - Monthly Direct Debit collections will take place on or just after the appropriate anniversary date where the date falls on a weekend or a bank holiday, payment will be collected from the member’s bank account on the next available working day. In the event of subscriptions not being paid on the due date, access to Spa at Barton Manor may be refused until such time as payment is received. - Should a Direct Debit fail to be collected due to insufficient funds a second attempt to collect will occur within 1 week of the failure. On a second failure, a member of the Spa at Barton Manor team will be in contact to discuss a resolution. During this time access to the club will be suspended. - Unless written notice is received, membership will continue beyond the initial period and be subject to the rules of suspension and termination. Suspension of Membership - Monthly memberships cannot be suspended, but can be terminated as per the terms below.- Membership suspension will only be granted in the following circumstances on production of the specified third party evidence: (i) Pregnancy - Medical confirmation (ii) Ill Health or injury - Doctor’s letter - Suspension must be requested in writing no later than 20th of the month to take effect from the 1st day of the following month and will not be granted retrospectively. - Suspension of membership will not be permitted until the first full month of membership has been completed and will be for a minimum of two months and a maximum of ten months, effective from 1st of any month only. - Members suspending will have their prepaid period extended or an equal period of time. In other words the length of any suspension will be added to the end of the prepaid period. - Should a lead member of a group suspend, any active partner will also be suspended - During a suspension period, if the club is used by a member, guest or active partner, the suspension will immediately end with the effective resume date from the 1st of that same month. Termination of Membership - Notice to terminate membership can be given at any time. - Termination will be effective from the end of any period that has already been paid for unless the termination is due to a breach of rules. - No refunds or credits will be given for membership periods already paid for. - If a new membership is started within 1 calendar month of cancellation, the cancellation will be deemed void and arrears will be due for the intermediate period. Changes to a different membership i.e. senior or student is up to the members, they are not automatically changed. Please alert a member of staff if your details have changed. Cancellation- Members cannot cancel while the membership is active. If, for any reason, the member would like to cancel their membership, a cancellation fee of £49 would be withdrawn. Memberships can only be cancelled by calling the SPA on 01772867096. Annual Review of Fees -Membership charges are subject to annual review. The date on which the variation in charges takes place is known as the rate review date which is generally 1st January unless otherwise notified. - Members are notified in writing of any changes in their subscription with a minimum of one months' notice. Access to Spa at Barton Manor -reserves the right to reject an application for membership, or refuse admission, without ascribing any reason for doing so. - No-one under the age of 18 shall be permitted to use any fitness equipment of the club unless pre-arranged and organised by the club. - All members will be issued with a QR Code. - Members must present this at the access point to the Spa when visiting premises and show them to club reception staff or duty manager when asked to do so. - If there are unpaid subscriptions, access may be refused and the QR code removed until such time as the problem with missed subscription payments has been resolved. QR Codes are not transferable and are to be used by the named member only. - Any misuse will result in an immediate cancellation of membership. - Spa at Barton Manor reserves the right to refuse admission and/or expel any member if, in its opinion, that person has caused nuisance, annoyance, offence or a breach of rules. Spa Health Use & Etiquette - The fitness area has been designated a ‘dry area’ therefore members must wear suitable clothing. Training shoes must be worn in the gym but must not be used outside. - In the interest of safety and hygiene, no crockery or glasses are allowed in the pool area, changing rooms, sauna or steam room. - For health and hygiene reasons it is necessary for all persons to shower before using the pool, sauna or steam room. - The gymnasium and pool must be cleared 15 minutes before closing to allow time for showering and dressing. Last entry to the club will be 1 hour before closing time. - Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the club. - Members must accompany their guest and shall be responsible for the appropriate charge. Members are responsible for their guests' conduct and must not leave the club before them. - No pets are permitted.

Children access to spa: Children under the age of 12 years of age are not permitted in the spa during 10am and 4 pm. Health Status Duty to Advise - At enrolment or the earliest opportunity, members must declare any injury, illness or other health condition that may prevent them from using some or all of the club facilities. - Members are also required to report any changes in their health status that may subsequently prevent them from using some or all of the club facilities and will only be permitted to return to exercise with approval of their doctor. Liability- All members, and their guests, use club facilities at their own risk and The Spa at Barton Manor will accept no responsibility for any accident, illness or injury whilst on its premises, howsoever caused, other than liability arising from negligence of The Spa at Barton Manor or its staff. - Any member or guest who suffers injury or accident on Spa at Barton Manor premises must immediately report the incident, and the circumstances under which it occurred, to the General Manager, Club Manager or Duty Manager. – Spa at Barton Manor accepts no liability for loss or damage to property of members and their guests, including property stored in lockers, vehicles and their contents, motorcycles and bicycles, parked or left on hotel premises. Acceptance of Rules - In proceeding with the purchase of a membership, members agree to abide by these terms and conditions together with local rules and regulations at the club. Spa at Barton Manor reserves the right to amend these rules at any time. Notice of any change or update in rules will be published on Spa at Barton Manor website. Privacy Policy - We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the service and the products you have requested from us. However, from time to time we would like to contact you with details of other offers and services we provide. We do not pass your data onto any organisation outside Spa at Barton Manor. You will be asked to give your consent to receiving such communication and will have the option to opt out at any time.

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  • If an error is made by Barton Manor Hotel & Spa Ltd or your bank or building society, you are guaranteed a full and immediate refund from your branch for the amount paid.
  • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by writing to your bank or building society. Please also send a copy of your letter to Barton Manor Hotel & Spa Ltd.

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