Buff Day Spa

Buff Day Spa

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Back Massage - €60 (30Mins)

Diva Spa Package includes a Voya Voyager Massage Journey, Voya Express Body Scrub, Voya Anti-Aging Facial, Spa Manicure, and Fabulous Feet Pedicure plus a light lunch €329

Gentleman's Spa Package - Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Back Massage, Hot Stone Lower Leg & Foot Massage - € 185

Get Radiant Spa Package - Voya Express Body Scrub, Shellac Manicure and Make-Up €99

Half Day Indulgence Spa Package includes Swedish Massage, Spa Custom Facial, Fabulous Feet Pedicure and a Spa Manicure €260


Just the Two of Us Package - €250 A team member will guide you to our changing rooms, where you can change into a fluffy robe and you can warm your muscles in the sauna before your treatment begins. Enjoy a full body Swedish Massage with Essential Oils in our Couple’s treatment room. After your treatment you can sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of bubbly or herbal tea.

Male Escape Package includes Stress Buster Massage, Buff Express Facial plus an eyebrow tidy €90

Mom & Me Spa Package includes Spa Custom Facial and Back Massage €135 per person

Pamper Him Package includes Swedish Massage with Essential Oils, Spa Custom Facial plus an eyebrow tidy €185

Pamper Me Package includes Spa Manicure and Fabulous Feet Pedicure €89

Perfect Touch Package - Indian Head Massage, Spa Custom Facial and Luxury Spa Manicure - €165

Rejuvenate Spa Package includes Indian Head Massage and Buff Express Facial with an Eyezone €99

Renewal Spa Package includes a Back Massage, Buff Express Facial plus an add-on of choice (Exfoliation Plus/Eyezone/Essential Oils) €99

Revitalize Spa Package includes Swedish Massage and a Spa Custom Facial €162

Rose Package - Voya Body Scrub, Luxury Spa Manicure and Fabulous Feet Pedicure - €150

Dermalogica Spa Custom Facial - €90

Spa Treat Package includes Mini Back Massage and Buff Express Facial €65

Sports Relief Package includes Back Massage and Lower Leg & Foot Massage €100

Swedish Massage - €90

Ultimate Indulgence Package - Beautiful Back, Swedish Massage and Spa Custom Facial - €175

Urban Escape Package - Hot Stone Back Massage, Image Facial and Shellac Manicure/Spa Manicure - €175

Velvet Spa Package includes Swedish Massage Spa Custom Facial and Spa Manicure €194

Vitality Break Package includes Back Massage, Body Scrub and Buff Express Facial €158

Voya Yummy Mummy Spa Package inlcudes a Voya Free Loader, Voya Facial and Voya Beautiful Bump €180